Map of Our Journey

The path on the map below is the position of our tractor-trailer updated every 30 seconds upon departure from Harrington, Maine on December 10th at 8:30am. Keep in mind that the position of our tractor in the convoy will vary daily and/or between stops. The convoy can be lengthy and the first units could be up to a mile ahead of our tractor and the GPS position on this map.

The links above the map are our two cameras onboard our tractor.

The cameras are live when we are underway but are configued with a video delay of up to 20-30 seconds for quality and stability.

There can be interuptions to video and map updates related to quality of the cellular coverage throughout the convoy route.

NOTE: Due to security and other conditions, wireless coverage in Arlington can be spotty. This sometimes creates interruptions in the video streams. We apologize but these issues are beyond our control.

Tractor Live Dash Camera Tractor Live Cab Camera